Eating, Drinking, Gambling, and Walking: Vegas in a Nutshell

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Wow!! I have been so busy!!  Let me try and catch you guys up to what's been going on the past couple days!! :D

I flew out Sunday, from TPA to LAS, with a stop in JAX.  The flight was great! Another flight attendant found me in the airport, so we sat next to each other.  For the last hour or so of the flight, my face was glued to the window!!  The Grand Canyon!!! Holy crap!!! IT'S BIG!!! :p  We landed about half an hour early, got a shuttle to the hotel and all that jazz.  By that time there were at least half of us at the hotel.  Our class size is huge... nearly 60 people!!

Monday was our first day of "class".  We were all so stressed out about it, thinking we'd have a test on our airport codes.... BUT as it turns out, the class before us was still finishing up their final exams that day, so we didn't really have anything to do!  We all had to go get fitted for our uniforms, and fill out some paperwork, and that was it!  We spent 12 hours studying and just chatting... and also being realllly really bored! :p

Tuesday was much better, but our actual training still hasn't really started.  Tuesday was basically just an orientation... we went over the company history and policies and benefits and all that great stuff.  Lots of listening to people talk, basically! :p  That evening the hotel we're at threw us a little party... free food, WOOHOO!! :D  My roommate and I didn't stay long at the party, though... we went to the Strip!! :D  Neither of us had been there before, nor had several other people, but we went with a couple Vegas veterans and they showed us around.  It was so absolutely surreal.  We went on the rollercoaster at New York, New York, which was AMAZING.  Then we met up with another lady from our class, and she showed us how to gamble!  We were way too scared to do the tables... the people seem so serious there!!  We just did the quarter slots and some video roulette and poker.  I think I can sum it up like this:

  1. It's fun when you win.  
  2. Less fun when you don't win.
  3. Lots more fun when you're drinking.
It also turns out that the Strip is a big freaking place!!  We went to Luxor and Excalibur and Harrah's.  We walked and walked and walked and walked and oh my god, my feet hurt like none other.  We had the day off class today, so we went again, but this time in the afternoon.  We went to the lunch buffet at the Paris hotel with some of our classmates, and then we struck out on our own and went to the Bellagio and MGM Grand.  We won't be going quite as often normally, though.  We just happened to have an extra day off this week... starting next week, it'll be all business!!  (well ok, maybe not ALL business! ;)) So far this has been soo bizarre for me!! Vegas is so unlike every place I've lived before, it's crazy!  I can't believe I'm here, I'm convinced I'm just gonna wake up one day and be back in Tampa.  It is great, though, plus I've already made some great friends, so I can't wait to see what the next 5 weeks will bring! :D

Sorry I don't have much interesting stuff to say about training right now!!  Tomorrow is another orientation day, so the real training starts Friday... so hopefully by this weekend, I'll be able to tell you all about what we're learning! :)

New York, New York


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